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Lite “A” Scaffold range

Brickmarts own Lite “A” Scaffold range. Custom designed, easily assembled and Work Cover approved. See our range and find the fit that suits your needs.

2.0m A Frame 1994 x 1312

1.5m Std A Frame 1494x1312

1.5m Ladder (step) Frame 1494x1312

1.5m Narrow A Frame 1494x812

Half Height 1m A Frame 994x1312

Half Height 1m Narrow A Frame 994x812

2.1m Long Brace 2095

This Brace is Designed for our 1.5m and 2m Frames when using 1.8m planks

1.9m Short Brace 1912

This brace is designed for use with our Half Height frames.



Screw Jack

Joint Pin with sealed top holes

To be used with Safety Clips

when joining frames together

or guard rail corners to frames.

Metal Planks (steel)

Available in 1.8m (1835x220) and 1.3m (1318 x 220)

T1 Trestle (4 Plank) 700mm 700x940

T1 Trestle (4 Plank) 900mm 900x940

Side Mesh Toe Board

Safety Clip

To be used with all Joint Pins

Access Hatch Square tower

To match our 1.3m or 1.8m planks

1.5m Std A Frame 1494x1312